MD Revolution, HybridChart Partner to Advance Coordination of Remote Care Delivery

2 months ago

Companies See 50% Readmission Rate Reduction with Combined Technologies

San Diego, California, October 4, 2023 — MD Revolution, a leading provider of remote care management and clinical services, has announced a new integration agreement with HybridChart, a leader in mobile rounding software that features charge capture, census management and discharge planning.

MD Revolution simplifies and enhances the effectiveness of patient care plans by delivering insights between outpatient settings and the patients’ homes. HybridChart software is used at discharge by acute care facilities to feed aftercare information about patients into electronic health records (EHR) and transitional care management solutions.

Integrating the two platforms enables physician practices, hospitals and health systems to initiate and coordinate remote care delivery services as part of discharge planning, to both support patients post-discharge and reduce potential readmissions. Patients with chronic conditions can be effectively referred to remote care management programs as part of discharge planning. This will lead to faster access to follow-up care that directly supports the clinical needs identified during the procedure or inpatient care.

“This innovative partnership enables us to connect the dots for healthcare providers with discharge data from multiple EMRs and inpatient facilities to proactively and effectively coordinate care that prevents costly, and at times unnecessary or avoidable, readmissions,” said Paul Huffman, Vice President, Sales & Business Development, MD Revolution.

The integration of MD Revolution and HybridChart’s technology platforms allows their mutual clients to access and compare discharge data and readmission data with care management activity in a remote care setting.

“By partnering HybridChart’s best-in-class mobile rounding software and MD Revolution’s Remote Care Management software, we are seeing a tremendous impact on one of healthcare’s true blind spots,” said HybridChart CEO Dr. Gregory Sanders. “With the data showing a 50% reduction in patient readmission rates, the combination of our two platforms is proving the efficacy of our collective mission to improve patient care.”

About MD Revolution

MD Revolution delivers purpose-built remote care management programs for Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, and more, powered by a best-in-class care management platform to proactively plan ongoing care, engage patients through connected devices and applications, and provide compliance and billing operations. Services can include clinical care delivery or be licensed as a Software as a Service. Through user-friendly communications and task-based workflows, providers and their teams gain actionable, data-informed insights to enhance and extend patient care. As a partner to the leading EHRs and

digital device manufacturers, MD Revolution has successfully managed an array of complex integrations to accommodate large, diverse patient populations and unique care and payment models. For more information, visit, or find MD Revolution on LinkedIn or Facebook.

About HybridChart

HybridChart is a leading provider of medical technology, connects healthcare teams and improves patient outcomes for greater efficiencies and profits. HybridChart’s mobile software includes critical rounding features such as Charge Capture, Census Management, Secure Messaging, and Discharge Planning, as well as best-in-class data analytics and insights.

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