Are We the Right Fit for You?

2 months ago

From the Desk of Paul Huffman: Let’s Find Out if We’re a Good Fit

Before choosing a partner for your RPM or CCM program, you will want to consider these initial questions.

Are you considering venturing into or expanding remote care and needing more certainty about how to proceed? A successful partnership starts with us asking the right questions to assess the compatibility between your practice and our services. Our expertise is built on over 500 successful deployments, reaching more than 210,000 patients. With this experience, we have honed our systems, engagement strategies, and collaborations, allowing us to identify the keys to rapid success in remote care and the most fruitful partnerships.

We’re committed to transparency throughout the process. If, based on our initial conversation, we determine we’re not the ideal fit, we’ll even recommend a partner who better meets your specific requirements.

Throughout this guide, I’ll walk you through the initial questions we ask and how each question helps us build remote care success for you.

Q. Can you describe your organization and the specific patient demographics you cater to?

We need to understand the base setting for care delivery to determine what remote care program we can tailor for you. If you’re a health system, you’ll likely want to start with a specific department and grow from there. It’s helpful to frame that direction from the start. If you’re an ACO, we automatically understand that quality measures are at the top of your must-have list. If you are an FQHC or an RHC, that’s great to know because there are unique opportunities to take advantage of with continued government support.

While our solutions are ideal for larger practices and health systems aiming to scale remote care management, we’re also happy to help practices with smaller patient populations who may be looking to grow or expand into additional services.

We also need to know which medical conditions you treat so that we can tailor a remote care program specifically for you. We fully manage 369 chronic care conditions, so we likely care for the patients you see the most. However, some cases could be more conducive to remote care. Yet, we do address some specialties you may not realize would fit within CCM care, which are areas of urology, gastroenterology, rheumatology,

Q: Does your organization participate in Medicare Fee-for-Service or other non-Medicare Value-Based Care Initiatives?

This question helps us tailor the discussion toward billing, coding, and future-focused innovation expertise. Your remote care partner must stay ahead of Medicare service fee rules, policy, and future innovations in a fee-based setting. We can help with how to interpret new rules as we are navigating this with our clinician staff.

As a leader in outcome data for value-based care, we make our evidence-based work available to all clients. Recently, we delivered a study showing a 56% reduction in cardiac hospital readmission rates in conjunction with a value-based partner. We can tailor your program to serve any clinical initiative or focus.

We may ask how many Medicare patients you serve.

We also explore the scale of your Medicare patient base to assess the ROI potential, both from an enhanced care quality perspective and the revenue opportunity for your organization.

Q: Do you offer a remote care program today?

We ask if you currently offer a remote care program because it helps us understand if you are new to providing remote care or have some program experience. We have many best practices and tips to ensure your success if you are just starting out. If you have experience, we want to know what worked well or could have been better. We provide real value from the start with many of our program features.

Q: What EHR do you use?

We are integrated with leading EHRs and always adding more. We ask this to demonstrate workflows and benefits when working within your system. Each EHR has unique workflows and nuances of integration determined by the EHR itself.

Some EHR integrations offer unique benefits and features; we’re the preferred partner of many EHRs. Knowing which EHR is used helps us prepare prospective client partners for what to expect. We may also ask if you are in the process of EHR migration. If you are, we can help support you.

Q: What outcomes would you like to see for patients and practice revenue for your remote care program?

We want to understand your goals and develop a plan that helps you achieve them. Partners with the most success, define clear goals from the start, including closing care gaps, increasing patient satisfaction, and also, driving financial return.

This question also helps us suggest the right approach for your workforce needs.

Whether you opt to use your own clinicians to execute remote care or ours, we offer solutions to meet either need:

RevCare Software as a Service
RevCare, our purpose-built care management platform and a connected ecosystem of integrated EHRs, data partners, and devices, is utilized by large practices, health systems, and healthcare organizations that execute remote care with their own clinicians.

RevUp Care Program
RevUp, our end-to-end remote care management program, combines our best-in-class care management platform, connected ecosystem, and patient app with our experienced clinical care services team that supports your organization from enrollment to billing.

Both solutions have proven to be highly successful, and we can even support you in transition if you prefer to switch. Stay tuned as we explore the different approaches to executing successful remote care programs in healthcare organizations. If you’re ready to execute remote care in your organization now, reach out for a brief conversation. My office hours are open.