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RevUp: Annual Wellness Visits

The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) allows practices to gain information about your patients, including medical and family history, health risks, and specific vitals. The purpose of the AWV is to review your patients’ wellness and develop a personalized prevention plan for the year. The AWV provides an opportunity for physicians to improve the quality of care, assist in patient engagement, and optimize payment opportunities.

MD Revolution’s RevUp platform can be a key component of a successful AWV program. Our team of clinicians helps prepare your Medicare population to schedule and complete their Annual Wellness Visit for your practice and providers.

  • Our team will remind patients about upcoming health milestones, schedule appointments, and issue reminders by phone and through the RevUp platform and app.
  • By capturing patient information and inputting data directly into your EHR, our AWV services will shorten visits and increase revenue. 


Annual Wellness Visits

Health Risk Assessment is a tool that collects health information to be used as a guide when the provider meets face-to-face with a patient to complete the Annual Wellness Visit. The HRA includes questions that assess a variety of health topics such as fall prevention, cognitive impairment, and advance care planning.

Better Wellness

Enhanced Annual Wellness Visits.

More Thorough Metrics

Identify missing key quality and disease state metrics.

Identifies Risk Factors

Classify High and moderate risk factors.

Track Determinants

Identify social determinants of health.

Efficient Notes

Provides suggested counseling notes.

Staff Efficiency

Identify CCM and RPM eligibility.

Our Solutions

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