About MD Revolution

MD Revolution uniquely combines technology, services, and analytics to produce scalable, high touch care models that enrich the patient-provider experience and reduce the cost of care.

Our digital care management platform, RevUp, delivers real, measurable improvements in health and lowers healthcare costs. We empower people with personalized, actionable data and coaching to help them make sustainable lifestyle changes that matter.

We provide custom solutions across all health and care management populations including; Chronic Care Management, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Employer programs.

How it all started

Founded by Dr. Samir Damani, a practicing cardiologist, MD Revolution was born out of Dr. Damani’s drive to transform the delivery of healthcare and chronic disease management.

As a healthcare provider, Dr. Damani had a unique perspective on the impact of chronic disease. Every day, he saw firsthand what happens when diet and exercise are neglected. His patients were often at a stage when disease is the riskiest and most expensive to fix. He knew they needed more support than he could provide in an office visit. The system was failing them both. Healthcare costs continued to skyrocket, the incidence of preventable conditions soared, and the paradigm of “disease care” medicine showed no signs of changing. Frustrated, Dr. Damani began assembling a mix of investors, healthcare professionals, and technology experts who would together help launch an entirely new approach to care management.

When the vision
came to life

In 2011, MD Revolution Inc. opened its doors on the Scripps Memorial La Jolla campus in California. The overarching goal was – and still is – to get people excited about and engaged in their health.

As the team rapidly developed the models and solutions for population health and care management, Dr. Damani realized that the company had an obligation to bring MD Revolution’s unique combination of traditional medicine, nutrition and fitness science, and digital care management technology to the masses.