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RevUp Does It All

RevUp provides complete “clinical programs as a service” to assess, manage, and monitor your patients and provide revenue to your practice through fee-for services codes. Our clinical teams work as an extension of your practice to provide:  

  • Chronic Care Management (CCM) 
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) 
  • Annual Wellness Visits (AWV)

Full Suite Remote Care Management ... Fast

RevUp Now is a rapid rollout of our full care management platform, with the specific intent of helping medical practices maintain financial viability and to provide care to patients remotely.

  • Certified clinical team works as an extension of your practice.
  • Deploy in days, not weeks or months
  • Programs design and implementation for Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health Integration and Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Annual Wellness Visit outreach and pre-work services.

  • Enrollment support services

  • Adaptable service models including full service, co-sourced or software as a service.

Scalable Care Management Platform

RevUp powers care management with technology to support care managers, proactively plan patient engagement and connect patients through the use of RevUp or connected devices. 

  • Create and manage patient centered care plans, document and track clinical goals and connect with patients using secure messaging, digital engagement applications and integrated dialing. 
  • Integrate and collect patient data through EHR integrations, connected devices and patient engagement applications with real-time clinical analysis and alerts
  • Manage work team efforts, clinical documentation, program compliance and billing for care management programs.  

Patient Experiences That Drive Results

Designed from the ground up to promote long-term adoption at the clinical and patient level

  • Patient centric goal setting drives ongoing engagement

  • Easy to navigate digital tools for patient logging and direct digital messaging

  • Online and mobile applications support telephone coaching

Integrated Technology Solutions

Our care management platform integrates directly with leading EHR systems, analytics tools and patient devices to provide a completely connected care management system.

  • EHR integrations allow patient enrollment, care documentation and billing claims to be fully integrated into your practice workflow.

  • Integrated patient devices provide real-time health data for patient support and monitoring

  • Analytics and reporting provides measure of program goals, patient outcomes and financial performance.