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RevUp: Chronic Care Management

MD Revolution has been helping practices launch and run successful Chronic Care Management (CCM) programs since 2011.

Our RevUp Chronic Care Management program works as an extension of your practice to provide personalized support for your patients, enabling participation in Medicare CCM programs. These codes include 99490, G0511 for FQHC/RHC and G0506 for initiation visits.

All of our remote care management programs are available in these ways and ensure compliance with Medicare requirements, enhance practice outcomes and provide supplemental revenue all seamlessly integrated into your existing workflow: 

  • Hosted platform: care is delivered by our clinical care teams
  • Software-only platform: care is delivered by your internal teams using our software
  • Hybrid: we work with you determine the best mix of internal and external resources to fit your needs

Implementation Made Easy

We provide every customer with dedicated account management, information technology and clinical staff to make implementing RevUp simple. Our digital practice within a traditional practice model makes it easy to integrate our care management solutions into physician practice workflows and population health management programs.

The RevUp Difference

RevUp personal health coaching and technology tools leverage motivational techniques to amplify personalized and accountable relationships with each patient and their caregiver, collect and track patient data and drive ongoing engagement.

Guided by clinicians, patients select personal health goals to support their care plan. RevUp patient applications can be synced to existing apps and monitoring devices, including Apple HealthKit and FitBit to facilitate data tracking. Patients can contact their Health Coach by phone or through a secure messaging application.

Your patients receive:

  • On-going support and guidance from a care manager
  • Digital and telephonic communication
  • Individualized care plans and health content
  • Access to RevUp patient applications for personal health tracking, goal setting and secure communication with their care manager
  • Easy integration of connected devices


Chronic Care Management Needs are Growing

Chronic care management needs are significant. Approximately 140 million Americans have chronic disease, growing to 170 million by 2025. CCM is proven to cut hospitalizations in half with demonstrable 5-to-1 ROI, but physicians often lack the technology and staffing necessary to perform offsite services. CMS has recognized the value in reaching out to patients regularly to keep them healthy, and reimbursement programs for non-face-to-face encounter opportunities will only continue to grow.

Our comprehensive Chronic Care Management services offer

Universal Ehr Integration

Programs incorporated into the provider’s workflow without interruption.

Rapid Service Deployment

Aid providers in identification of qualified patients and assist with the enrollment process.

Individualized Patient Care Plans

Evidence based clinical goals and interventions, with task-based assessments. 

Efficiency & Scalability

Provide clinical staff allowing providers to reach more patients, or our software to power your teams. 

Engage And Encourage Self-management

Guide patients to timely preventative care through telephone coaching and digital patient engagement.

Respond To Care Gaps

Identify trends in patient reported vitals and other social determinants of health.

Operations & Billing Support

Document care delivery, measures, and tasks to provider and generate claims for eligible patient services.

Our Solutions

Learn how MD Revolution can transform your practice with engaging remote care management programs designed to increase efficiency, improve health outcomes and drive new revenue.

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