Remote Patient Monitoring

RevUp: Remote Patient Monitoring

The RevUp Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program uses digital devices to collect medical and other health data from your patients and securely transmits that information through our industry-leading RevUp care management platform directly to your practice.

RPM is a value-add for your practice, providing additional care and attention to a larger number of patients outside the clinic, while minimizing the load on your clinical staff and increasing revenue. 

Remote Patient Monitoring is more than just devices and data. To get the patient outcomes we seek, and achieve successful clinical outcomes, RPM Patient outcomes and clinical success requires pairing RPM with a patient engagement strategy is the key to success. Our RevUp platform provides an integrated continuum of products and services – from hardware to software to clinical staff – to establish a successful RPM program for your practice.  

The RevUp care management platform integrates with a number of approved RPM devices – bluetooth, cellular, HealthKit, etc. – which transmit health data seamlessly to our system. Using advanced AI-driven techniques, and professional remote clinical interaction, RevUp can help make RPM successful for your practice and your patients. RPM codes provide reimbursement for a one-time patient education (CPT 99453), monthly device connection and transmission of data (CPT 99454) and monthly clinical monitoring and support (CPT 99457).

RPM is available as a standalone product or can be rapidly added to an existing RevUp Chronic Care Management (CCM) contract. 

Our Approach

We take a comprehensive approach to Remote Patient Monitoring and create custom solutions to meet each customer’s needs, including the following: 

  • Enrollment
  • Education
  • Engagement
  • Escalation 
  • Billing

The benefits for your patients include:

  • Phone or in-app access to a health coach
  • Health condition monitoring and intervention 
  • Alerts and reminders via the Revup app and on the RPM devices themselves 

How can we help?

For more information about Remote Patient Monitoring or to set up a demo, please contact us via chat or on our contact page.

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