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RevUp: Behavioral Health Integration

Integrating primary care with behavioral and mental healthcare has been shown to improve patient outcomes. The CDC recognizes that mental and behavioral healthcare intertwined, and Medicare offers separate payments to physicians and non-physician practitioners for BHI services. Our BHI offering supports CMS code 99484 and is offered as part of the FQHC/RCH G0511 codes.

Patients participating in our BHI program will benefit from continuous relationships with our health coaches and care team, care planning individualized to meet the patient’s own goals and interests in relation to their specific health problem, and facilitation and coordination with their primary care provider. Navigating through our specially designed BHI program, patients will explore areas of behavioral health issues such as: Recognizing Triggers & Opportunities, Identifying Social Support Systems, Exploring Resource Opportunities, and Personal Goal Setting.

Core Components:

  • Specially trained Health Coaches providing behavior modification support, motivational interviewing, a patient centered approach to goal setting, and enhanced care support through our telephonic and digital applications.
  • Patients will navigate through one of our proprietary behavioral health modules, designed by a leading behavioral health practitioner, utilizing validated rating scales, and managed by our team of Registered Nurses.
  • Our behavioral health coaches work with patients on Personal Activation Techniques. Initiatives used in patient engagement and activation include shared decision-making, wellness activities, and self-management techniques.

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