I like the fact that I am reminded to go in and have a self-check on my personal health almost daily. That way if something is going on my health coach and I will catch it early.

Keeps me aware of “taking care of myself.”

I like to feel that there is someone concerned about me health wise, and that I can bring up odd aches and pains or concerns with them.

The fact that there is someone making me accountable.

They are there when you need them

Opportunity to express health and mental issues with a health professional.

I like to have the monthly call. I get some good advice for different health concerns.

The interested and caring attitude. I’m not rushed, and I don’t feel that my concerns are unimportant.

The personal encouragement to stay on track with goals and the praise for doing a good job.

The personal touch and the professionalism of the health coaches

Helps me keep track of goals and taking my meds on time.

I can ask questions that my MD doesn’t have the time to answer.

I like being able to stay in touch with my Health Coach and my Medical team anytime I have questions or concerns, about anything.

Ease in speaking to a professional concerning most medical questions.

Reliable. I know I can speak with someone if I need to.

Helps me stay on track. Kindness and caring.

Knowing my Doc cared enough to have someone looking in on us.

Their total concern for the individual and their total dedication to the profession.

My support nurse, Dailey, is always on top of things. If I send her a message with a question, she gets right back to me.

My personal doctor always has current information available. The program aids me in my self-discipline and motivation toward good health.

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