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Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Chronic care management needs are significant. Approximately 140 million Americans have chronic disease, growing to 170 million by 2025. CCM is proven to cut hospitalizations in half with demonstrable 5-to-1 ROI, but physicians often lack the technology and staffing necessary to perform offsite services. CMS has recognized the value in reaching out to patients regularly to keep them healthy, and reimbursement programs for non-face-to-face encounter opportunities will only continue to grow.

Our RevUp Chronic Care Management program works as an extension of your practice to provide personalized support for your patients, enabling participation in Medicare CCM programs. These codes include 99490, G0511 for FQHC/RHC and G0506 for initiation visits.

Whether delivered by our clinical care teams, your internal resources or a combination of both we ensure compliance with Medicare requirements, enhance practice outcomes and provide supplemental revenue all seamlessly integrated into your existing workflow.

RevUp personal health coaching and technology tools leverage motivational techniques to amplify personalized and accountable relationships with each patient and their caregiver, collect and track patient data and drive ongoing engagement.

Guided by clinicians, patients select personal health goals to support their care plan. RevUp patient applications can be synced to existing apps and monitoring devices, including Apple HealthKit and FitBit to facilitate data tracking. Patients can contact their Health Coach by phone or through a secure messaging application.

Your patients receive:

  • On-going support and guidance from a care manager
  • Digital and telephonic communication
  • Individualized care plans and health content
  • Access to RevUp patient applications for personal health tracking, goal setting and secure communication with their care manager
  • Easy integration of connected devices

Implementation made easy.

We provide every customer with dedicated account management, information technology and clinical staff to make implementing RevUp simple. Our digital practice within a traditional practice model makes it easy to integrate our care management solutions into physician practice workflows and population health management programs.


Remote Patient Monitoring

The RevUp Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program uses digital devices to collect medical and other health data from your patients and securely transmits that information through our industry-leading RevUp care management platform directly to your practice. RPM is a value-add for your practice, providing additional care and attention to a larger number of patients outside the clinic, while minimizing the load on your clinical staff and increasing revenue. 

Experience suggests, however, that data collection alone may not be enough to ensure the best program outcomes.  Pairing RPM with a patient engagement strategy is the key to success. Our RevUp platform provides an integrated continuum of products and services – from hardware to software to clinical staff – to establish a successful RPM program for your practice.  

The RevUp care management platform integrates with a number of approved RPM devices – bluetooth, cellular, HealthKit, etc. – which transmit health data seamlessly to our system. Using advanced AI-driven techniques, and professional remote clinical interaction, RevUp can help make RPM successful for your practice and your patients. RPM codes provide reimbursement for a one-time patient education (CPT 99453), monthly device connection and transmission of data (CPT 99454) and monthly clinical monitoring and support (CPT 99457).

RPM is available as a standalone product or can be rapidly added to an existing RevUp CCM contract. 

RevUp’s approach to RPM includes:

  • Enrollment
  • Education
  • Engagement
  • Escalation 
  • Billing

The benefits for your patients include:

  • Phone or in-app access to a health coach
  • Health condition monitoring and intervention 
  • Alerts and reminders via the Revup app and on the RPM devices themselves 

Behavioral Health Integration

Integrating primary care with behavioral and mental healthcare has been shown to improve patient outcomes. The CDC recognizes that mental and behavioral healthcare intertwined, and Medicare offers separate payments to physicians and non-physician practitioners for BHI services. Our BHI offering supports CMS code 99484 and is offered as part of the FQHC/RCH G0511 codes.

Patients participating in our BHI program will benefit from continuous relationships with our health coaches and care team, care planning individualized to meet the patient’s own goals and interests in relation to their specific health problem, and facilitation and coordination with their primary care provider. Navigating through our specially designed BHI program, patients will explore areas of behavioral health issues such as: Recognizing Triggers & Opportunities, Identifying Social Support Systems, Exploring Resource Opportunities, and Personal Goal Setting.

Core Components:

  • Specially trained Health Coaches providing behavior modification support, motivational interviewing, a patient centered approach to goal setting, and enhanced care support through our telephonic and digital applications.
  • Patients will navigate through one of our proprietary behavioral health modules, designed by a leading behavioral health practitioner, utilizing validated rating scales, and managed by our team of Registered Nurses.
  • Our behavioral health coaches work with patients on Personal Activation Techniques. Initiatives used in patient engagement and activation include shared decision-making, wellness activities, and self-management techniques.

Annual Wellness Visits (AWV)

MD Revolution offers the best solution to prepare your Medicare population to schedule and complete their Annual Wellness Visit for your practice and providers. Our team will remind patients about upcoming health milestones, schedule appointments, and issue reminders by phone and through the RevUp platform and app. By capturing patient information and inputting data directly into your EHR, our AWV services will shorten visits and increase revenue.

Transitional Care Management (TCM)

Once your patients have been discharged from the hospital, you’d rather not see them come back. Unfortunately, a fifth of Medicare beneficiaries are readmitted within a single month, leading to combined costs of more than $25 billion – and counting.

CMS has recognized that monitoring patients between office visits and hospital stays dramatically reduces their chances of seeking emergency inpatient care. MD Revolution’s proven patient engagement solutions will integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow to help keep patients healthy at home.

Whole Person Care (WPC)

Medical services only address a sliver of a patients’ overall wellness. People often have complex needs, and the Whole Person Care philosophy aims to improve health outcomes efficiently and effectively by addressing a full spectrum: physical health, behavioral health, social services, socioeconomic conditions, and more. California’s Section 1115 Medicaid waiver, Medi-Cal 2020, includes a $3 billion pilot program to improve care for Medi-Cal beneficiaries by supporting local efforts that embrace WPC, and MD Revolution’s WPC program can help you get started.

The RevUp Care Management Platform is being used to manage care delivery for a California WPC pilot program supporting comprehensive care, delivery team management and integrated reporting for the program. Contact us to see how RevUp can support your program and care delivery.

Clinical Care Teams

The MD Revolution Care Management Platform offers clinical support for your patient population.

Our trained Health Coaches employ M.I.B.N. (motivational interviewing & brief negotiation) techniques to engage and build personalized, accountable relationships with patients. MD Revolution Health Coaches will operate within your existing workflows to become a virtual extension of your care team.

Health Coaches will meet your patients where they feel comfortable by phone and through MD Revolution’s proprietary web-based application RevUp. The team will onboard eligible patients to relevant programs, establish a baseline for their health, coordinate care plans, and track their progress. Distributed workflow data is stored in the cloud and is available to your team anytime, anywhere.

Care Program Design

MD Revolution care management programs are designed to support Chronic Care Management with evidence based goals, patient content and clinical protocol for over 100 chronic conditions. Our clinical team works with each client to adapt these programs for the target population or to support practice goals.

Our clinical care team can also design patient engagement program to match any initiative or focus.