RevUp patient management and engagement tools give your clinical team effective tools to drive patient engagement through telephone outreach and use of our patient engagement web, mobile and messaging applications.  The patient experience is customized to match their health needs or the goals of the program.  
Patient engagement features:
  • Secure access to web and mobile patient engagement applications
  • Configurable health tracking widgets
  • Secure messaging with care team
  • Health content feed for tips based on their health profile 
  • Online access to patient care plan and clinical goals 
  • Connected health devices 
  • “QuickLog” of vitals tracking with text/email alerts
  • Patient health assessments 
  • Analytics-driven self-management reminders & recommendations
  • Personal goal setting and tracking 
  • Mobile application available on Apple and Android devices
  • Apple HealthKit integration, TouchID and FaceID

Our Platform