Why Vitals are so Vital

2 months ago

Join us Thursday, August 5, 2021 for our upcoming webinar “Why Vitals are so Vital.”


Our team at MD Revolution has set the standard for comprehensive remote vitals monitoring, and we are excited to share our knowledge with you. In this Webinar, Why Vitals are so Vital, hosted by our VP of Sales and Business Development, Paul Huffman, and Director of Clinical Services, Joe Shields, we will delve into our strategy for utilizing holistic health data to improve patient outcomes. Here’s what you will learn:

  • Vital Sign Fundamentals: MD Revolution’s leaders will share their insights on the impact of remote vitals monitoring on patient engagement, improved outcomes, and the physician revenue stream.
  • Improving Outcomes: Remote Patient Monitoring Improves Outcomes when practitioners gain a more holistic understanding of a patient’s health condition and data is reliable.
  • The Value of a Personalized, Holistic Experience. We’re teaching patients that with consistent engagement, their relationship is prioritized – allowing visibility to their vitals moves them to the front of the line when they need it.
  • The Role of CMS and Private Payers: CMS and private payers are incentivizing volume for physician revenue, but also for expanding reach and access, and allowing individual consumers to prioritize themselves with continued engagement.

Meet Your Hosts 

Paul Huffman has nearly 20 years’ experience as an accomplished healthcare executive working within outpatient clinics, large health systems, and multi-specialty practices; he oversees and manages MD Revolution’s Medicare Fee-for-Service Programs. 

Joe Shields is the newest member of the MD Revolution clinical care team and is responsible for overseeing MD Revolution’s clinical operations and patient care delivery, as well as development, implementation and training for comprehensive care programs utilizing the RevUp platform.

Sign Up Today

Register today and join us Thursday, August 5th, at 11:00 am PDT to learn how prioritizing remote vitals monitoring will improve outcomes for not only your patient, but for yourself.

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