Unlocking Better Healthcare is Within Reach: Integrated Remote Care Management for Rural Health Clinics

2 months ago

Longstanding advocacy seems to have paid off, and the awaited change is on the 2024 horizon — CMS may finally recognize Remote Patient Monitoring as a necessity of quality and access for Rural Health Clinics. CMS’s Proposed Rule expresses intent to provide practitioners with maximum flexibility when selecting the appropriate combination of Care Management services.

Will there still be opportunities to maximize HRSA grant dollars for RPM? Will the “16 days of data” mandate stay in effect? Which codes can be billed concurrently? For now, there are more questions than answers, but one thing rings true: rural health stakeholders have a can’t miss opportunity to drive reimbursement, expand care, and deliver quality.

In this webinar, MD Revolution’s Paul Huffman and Azalea Health’s Doug Swords lead a candid conversation about how RHCs can model integrated remote care programs to realize this value, while properly enabling today’s technology to stay ahead of the curve.

Key takeaways include:

• Nuances of G0511 and how to navigate the diversification of revenue streams

• How existing CCM programs with connected devices can seamlessly transition to this next chapter, and maintain their competitive advantage

• How to take the workload (and the risk) out of managing multiple remote care programs together

• How tailored technology solutions can help rural health systems overcome current
barriers and the integrated workflows that define program success