Top 7 Benefits of Addressing Cardiology Practice Challenges Head On

3 months ago

Specialty practices, such as Cardiology, face their own range of unique operational and administrative challenges, a topic we covered at length in our last blog post.  While daunting, these obstacles are not insurmountable. Thanks to advances in technology, many solutions exist that are designed to mitigate the daily challenges so many practices face.

Our platform offers a single, dual-enrollment program that optimizes practice operations from the inside-out. By combining remote patient monitoring (RPM) and chronic care management (CCM), we help cardiology practices streamline operations, extend care capabilities, reduce costs and improve outcomes at scale. With a comprehensive RPM + CCM program, the benefits are limitless – below we outline the top 7 benefits our client practices enjoy:

1) Continuity of Care

With a holistic solution, practices can provide consistent monitoring that extends coverage and offers patients additional peace of mind. This continuity of care leads to better quality care, for a number of reasons. For example, it ensures consistent monitoring of a patient’s health—whether that means progress, stasis, or decline. For patients with multiple conditions, continuity of care facilitates seamless, coordinated care through transitions and among healthcare providers, reducing the likelihood of medical errors or care plan omissions. 

Healthcare providers come to have a comprehensive understanding of their patients’ health history, preferences, and social circumstances, all of which contribute to more personalized and effective care. Above all, patients know they have a trusted relationship with the healthcare providers who are overseeing their care from start to finish and everything in between.

2) Concierge Approach to Patient Services

In many busy healthcare settings, patients can easily get lost in the system; reduced more to a medical record than a unique individual. Specialty practices that implement RPM and CCM as a dual effort ensure their patients’ unique conditions, symptoms, and care plans are fully developed, eliminating such an occurrence. Patients are kept at the forefront, with personalized care a top priority. 

With the RevUp platform, patients also have the benefit of working directly with a health coach to ensure they’re getting the most out of their cardiology care plan. It’s a patient-centered, custom solution to ensure every individual receives the best care possible—and realizes the best outcomes possible.

3) Speed to Value

Any specialty practice knows how complex technology can be. Integrating a new program, whether it’s RPM, CCM, or the two combined, may seem like a difficult task to tackle. But, it doesn’t have to be. The RevUp platform was designed to integrate seamlessly with practices’ existing EHR systems, analytics tools, and patient devices. This allows for unparalleled “speed to value,” generating results for patients, practices, and providers almost immediately. 

Unlike other programs, MD Revolution’s comprehensive platform offers streamlined implementations, customized workflows, and a simple, user-friendly UI that frees up staff bandwidth. “We looked at several companies, but eventually heard about RevUp through our EMR partner, which made integration easier, almost seamless. We also wanted customization, which they were able to do, and their easy-to-use interface was a no-brainer,” shares Christine Onstott, AAS-N, BS, Director of Operations for Cardiac Solutions, a comprehensive care practice with three locations in Arizona’s West Valley area and 22 board-certified cardiologists.

4) Measurable Results

Even the most innovative technology means nothing if you can’t measure its impact. RevUp provides comprehensive data so practice leaders know exactly how the platform is benefiting the practice. 

Healthcare practices don’t need to perform this analysis on their own, either. Onstott notes how she and her team are regularly in contact with the MD Revolution team: “We talk with MD Revolution on a monthly basis, and that shows all the metrics we follow. We go over it: how many patients are enrolled, how many diversions we were able to create. We’re also working on some other metrics with them to see about hospital readmissions.”

Specifically, reduced readmissions mean reduced costs—another contribution to the speed-to-value advantage. “Keeping a patient out of the hospital is good for the patient, insurance providers, and hospitals,” adds Onstott.

5) Provider Satisfaction

In healthcare, two sides exist: patient and provider. While it’s essential to put patients front and center, there are ways to also improve provider and staff satisfaction. For instance, the RevUp platform empowers cardiology practice providers to care for more patients with little to no extra work. 

In some cases the platform lessens the burden significantly—taking as much as 100% of remote care tasks off providers’ plates. When providers know they have the capacity to dedicate more time to their patients, and less time to workflow tasks, they feel more valued in their role as a cardiology expert.

6) Reimbursement Opportunities

Remote patient monitoring programs and chronic care management programs open up so many reimbursement opportunities within cardiology practices. One that’s really changed the game for healthcare providers and the specialty practices in which they work are the new billing codes that allow providers to bill for RPM and CCM services—services that were traditionally non-billable. 

Comprehensive platforms help automate visit billing codes to help unlock additional revenue streams and streamline revenue cycle management. Many practices realize additional income that was not available prior – all while extending their quality care services and saving valuable caregiver time. 

In other ways, the technology helps practices realize additional cost savings through secondary measures. When RPM and CCM are employed in concert, they also lead to improved efficiency, reduced readmissions, and greater patient retention.

7) Care on All Levels

Many cardiology practices exclusively serve patients who are living with debilitating chronic conditions such as heart failure or high blood pressure. With the latter, cardiology practices have the opportunity to set themselves apart from their competitors by also focusing on non-emergent heart health measures. 

“Enhancing access for patients with hypertension is a good example. These aren’t necessarily patients with a history of heart failure, but simply those with a condition that we can monitor remotely with the use of blood pressure equipment,” states Onstott. “RevUp helps monitor the patients pressures in-between visits to the office and alerts us if there are abnormal readings that would warrant a sooner visit to the office.”

How RevUp Is Changing the Game for Cardiology Practices

While operational challenges will always be a daily part of life for cardiology practice leaders, technology like ours ensures that these issues play a much smaller part. From streamlining workflows to extending high quality care and unlocking additional revenue streams, a comprehensive RPM + CCM program helps ensure your practice runs optimally – for your patients, your providers, and your practice’s long-term health. 

By adopting the combined RPM + CCM approach, cardiology practices gain a distinct advantage over competitors who fail to appreciate the value of this dual strategy. With seamless, streamlined integration, RevUp ensures provider adoption and patient engagement, so that it can make maximum impact for your practice. 

“We knew provider adoption would be a huge aspect of program success. We can put anything into place, but if our cardiologists aren’t referring patients, our patients and our practice won’t experience the benefits. Integration, however, made adoption easier because we were able to pull patient information directly out of the EMR, including their CCM category, and even how to best engage the individual patient, whether it be via text, email, or phone call. The integration support was essential in the adoption.”

Isn’t it time you upleveled your place in the cardiology practice landscape? To get ahead of the competition in an extremely crowded market, RPM + CCM via RevUp is the answer.

To learn more about the RevUp platform and how it is helping specialty practices transform their operations for the better, please get in touch with us or request a demo. 

**Read Christine Onstott’s full interview here.