We are reducing the number of office visits, ER visits, urgent care visits. So, the volume to medical facilities will very likely be reduced because we can monitor patients at home. Often, we bring patients in to get a blood pressure or weight to make sure they are not going into heart failure. If all these things can be done remotely and we can act on it, it will cut medical costs.

The RevUp system is easy to use, and we get very few questions from patients. Essentially, you have the hub, which is the device that communicates to the office and 911. All you do is plug that into an outlet. There is a blood pressure cuff and a wrist pendant that provides 24/7 emergency response. It is an easy setup, but if patients do have questions, there is a helpline where they can get their questions answered.

RevUp is great not only for the patient but also for family members. They know someone is going to check on their family members. The patient and their family like it.

As we maneuver through the COVID environment, we have tried to limit the number of patients who come into the office. If we can monitor patients as effectively at home as in the office, it’s a win both ways.

Patients are asking for RevUp, so you can see which way the trend is going. As physicians, we are going to have to accommodate, and we see the benefits of remote patient monitoring.”

One thing we see is that patients’ blood pressure readings are slightly lower than what we are getting in the office. So, patients are doing better. In some cases, we can cut back medicine.

RevUp empowers patients to be more involved. Patients are more likely to be compliant with medications because there is some form of monitoring at home and patients are very happy with it.

We empower the patients to be more actively involved and engaged in their care. RevUp is one way for the patients to show us their blood pressure numbers and how active they are in their medical treatment.

RevUp allows us to make quick decisions or make changes throughout the week or month to avoid office visits, ER visits, and hospitalizations.

We use vital readings in real-time. We get blood pressure readings daily, and if it is a low reading or a high reading, we can act on those readings.

RevUp allows us to continue the dialogue that we have with the patients beyond the office. The line of communication stays open. Beyond the office visit, we can continue to have that relationship with the patient. The patient feels more engaged, more responsible, and more accountable for taking their blood pressures, reporting their blood pressures, and taking their medications.

MD Revolution’s RevUp software makes it easy for our clinical team to manage our patient population at scale and track care management time spent each month to meet Medicare billing requirements. At the end of the month, claims are auto generated which has significantly decreased the turnaround time for claim submissions and insurance payments. MD Revolution continues to exceed our expectations and is the right fit for our practice. 

Having RPM doesn’t add to the time it takes for an office visit, it makes it a more valuable appointment.

Migrated from another RPM vendor to MD Revolution, best move we made. MDR was a partner though the entire process and their implementation performed exactly as promised – well done MDR.

I have been receiving requests from the physicians for day one about being able to monitor blood pressure remotely. For our existing CCM patients, when I start saying to them, “We have the added benefit for RPM now, it is a benefit covered by your insurance, “ they’re thrilled. We say to them, “Let us worry about your blood pressure. Let us worry about the numbers. Let us worry if they’re out of range. You just have to check it. Let us take that burden away from you

I know how hard it is to get everything in your 15 to 30-minute visit. I knew that CCM was a new opportunity to connect with patients outside of the office visit.

A lot of patients don’t have the time to go to the doctor every month or every three months. Having RPM allows us to reliably know what’s going on in between. I can believe the numbers. We can make better treatment decisions based on real data.

You really have to know your practice and know your patient population. You also have to know which of the diagnoses included in the care plan would be most compelling for your patient population to participate in CCM.

From a provider standpoint, I feel that MDR provides a surprisingly personal touch to the individual patient experience.  Patients who remain in the program for any length of time appear to be very satisfied, and the nursing oversight continuity for my patients has been excellent.  Clinical escalation happens quickly when needed, and the acumen and judgment of the nurse who oversees my patients is top notch.

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