Slice of Healthcare Podcast

11 months ago

MD Revolution’s CEO Kyle Williams and Michael Moore, VP of Product Management join Slice of Healthcare podcast host Jared S. Taylor in this brand-new episode. The three industry experts discuss a variety of issues related to today’s current state of healthcare, including why patient engagement is so essential for successful outcomes.

If you’re a practice or provider thinking about an RPM solution, this is a must listen.



What you’ll get out of this episode:

Overview of MD Revolution

MD Revolution is a leading remote care management company committed to enhancing the overall patient and care management experience. With a specific focus on the Medicare population, the company endeavors to connect patients with providers and care teams. Despite initial doubts regarding the adoption of technology by seniors, MD Revolution has discovered that this demographic is receptive to using connected devices and engaging in text communication when they are assured that their health data is being monitored.

Key Insights

Over time, MD Revolution, along with its clientele, has gained valuable insights into the nature of patient engagement, which occurs gradually and relies on establishing genuine human connections. Effective care management transcends individual instances outside of medical visits; it entails a continuous series of interactions. These interactions involve gathering both concrete data measurements and actively listening, enabling early detection of potential concerns that may not arise in a traditional office visit.

Customer Outcomes

MD Revolution has observed that patients readily adapt to technologies that are user-friendly and uncomplicated, especially when they are aware of active monitoring. For instance, many cardiologists prescribe medications and request daily blood pressure readings. Patients comply willingly, particularly when they know that their physicians are monitoring the incoming data on a daily basis and can offer assistance. This feedback loop of small, incremental improvements in health can have a significant impact on preventing readmissions and averting critical situations.

Trends in Remote Care Management

Establishing trust emerges as the primary obstacle to widespread adoption. Medical practices must place their trust in a partner like MD Revolution, both in terms of technology reliability and care delivery efficacy. They need to embrace the notion that remote care management is effective, desired by their patients, and will not overly burden their practice.

What’s Next

MD Revolution remains dedicated to leveraging the insights derived from the data they collect, transforming it into actionable strategies for managing the patient’s experience. The company strives to establish connections among various aspects of care management and anticipates the remarkable possibilities that arise when all these elements are seamlessly integrated.