Research Shows Implementing Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management improves Patient Outcomes and Practice Revenues

3 months ago

San Diego, California, December 5, 2023 — The new national study, commissioned by MD Revolution, shows that physician practices and hospitals who have implemented remote patient monitoring (RPM) and chronic care management (CCM) programs are measurably improving patient outcomes, increasing patient satisfaction and simultaneously building practice value.

“The study affirms our own experience and underscores the clinical and economic returns practices can expect when implementing RPM and CCM,” said Kyle Williams, CEO, MD Revolution. “Respondents also noted the importance of the ease of onboarding. With hundreds of successful implementations under our belt, we’ve continually simplified and improved our onboarding process so customers can get up and running quickly.”

MD Revolution commissioned healthcare consultancy Sage Growth Partners to independently survey 141 C-level leaders and physicians, surgeons, nurses, and office managers. The complete report can be found here (View Report)

Key takeaways from the report include:

1. The majority of respondents expect to increase or maintain their investments in RPM and CCM in the next year.

2. Patients are positive about the experience of participating in RPM and CCM programs and consider them a “concierge service.”

3. Survey respondents say proven implementation processes deliver predictable and low-risk methods for starting RPM and CCM programs.

4. The majority of respondents report improved care plan compliance and a positive return on their investment.

The report also found that physician practices and health systems that implement RPM and CCM together will unlock new revenue opportunities and position their organizations well for long-term sustainability and growth. However, organizations that do not implement these digital tools will likely struggle with lower patient satisfaction, poorer health outcomes, and missed revenue opportunities.

About MD Revolution

MD Revolution delivers purpose-built remote care management programs for Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, and more, powered by a best-in-class care management platform to proactively plan ongoing care, engage patients through connected devices and applications, and provide compliance and billing operations. Services can include clinical care delivery or be licensed as a Software as a Service. Through user-friendly communications and task-based workflows, providers and their teams gain actionable, data-informed insights to enhance and extend patient care. As a partner to the leading EHRs and digital device manufacturers, MD Revolution has successfully managed an array of complex integrations to accommodate large, diverse patient populations and unique care and payment models. For more information, visit, or find MD Revolution on LinkedIn or Facebook.

About Sage Growth Partners

Sage Growth Partners is a healthcare advisory firm with deep expertise in market research, strategy, and communications. Founded in 2005, the company’s extensive domain experience ensures that healthcare organizations thrive amid the complexities of a rapidly changing marketplace. Sage Growth Partners serves clients across the full healthcare spectrum, including GE Healthcare, Medecision, ProgenyHealth, Kyruus, Best Buy Health, New Jersey Brain and Spine, the National Minority Health Association, and Philips Healthcare.