The Healthcare Delivery Revolution: Leveraging Remote Care Management for Practice & Patient Success

9 months ago

The healthcare industry is long overdue for a care delivery revolution. From headlines such as “live free and die” to stark reports underscoring the two-year decline in the average American life expectancy, healthcare as it has traditionally been delivered is no longer working as it should.
Indeed, chronic diseases afflict an estimated 133 million Americans, roughly equivalent to 40% of the entire population. According to the CDC, 90% of the nation’s more than four trillion-dollar health care expenditure is spent on individuals with chronic and mental health conditions. As the American population continues to age, and the incidence of these persistent conditions grows, chronic condition management will evolve into an unbearable clinical and financial burden for the nation as a whole.
With Americans sicker than ever before, an entirely new approach to care is needed. While office visits will always remain integral for maintaining physician-patient relationships and conducting in-depth annual evaluations, they can no longer remain a status quo as the only care touchpoint, especially for the chronically ill. Rather, technology that facilitates ongoing remote care management will empower a new paradigm of care, one that routinely monitors and manages patients with chronic conditions—to help dramatically improve both individual level health outcomes and, on a macro level, the quality of care nationwide.
By outlining the five steps to remote care program success, this paper explores how adaptive solutions can liberate healthcare from its traditional confines. Ideally, these technologies will offer a dual-enrollment program that offers both remote patient monitoring (RPM) and chronic care management (CCM) to seamlessly support whole-person care. Not only will this help equip practices with the technology needed, but it will also offer the services required to provide proactive care exactly when needed and escalate care for those patients who need it most.

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