Access the Case Study: 50% Reduction in Hospital Readmission Rates With RevUp Remote Care Management

4 weeks ago

How Cardiac Solutions took already low readmission rates and found a new path to further reduce by 50%

With the help of MD Revolution’s care management design and robust analytics, Cardiac Solutions drives significant improvement in reducing readmissions for patients.

Cardiac Solutions is a physician-owned group of 22 cardiologists in Arizona, continually exploring new approaches to high-quality care at lower costs. The group is known for providing personalized cardiovascular treatment plans and has expanded their concierge-like care through MD Revolution’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) programs.

In partnership with MD Revolution, Cardiac Solutions set out to measure the efficacy of their remote care management programs in reducing readmissions. “Population health management is important to us,” said Christine Onstott, Director of Operations, Cardiac Solutions. “We wanted to reach patients with other chronic disease states and provide them with quality care in between their already scheduled in-office visits with cardiologists. Keeping a patient out of the hospital is good for the patient, insurance providers, and hospitals.”

The study measured over 12 months across 26,689 unique patients. Starting from already low readmission rates, Cardiac Solutions achieved a 7% 30-day readmission rate for patients using RevUp remote care management vs. 15% for patients not enrolled, representing a 50% reduction in readmissions for patients using RevUp remote care management.

“This study shows the dramatic impact we can make on patient outcomes when partnering with cardiac practices. Easy-to-use remote care management, coupled with robust clinical data, improves outcomes, elevates transparency, and reduces costs. We are proud of our partnership with Cardiac Solutions, our RevUp program, and the analytics team that delivered this critical data to demonstrate the efficacy of remote care management,” said Kyle Williams, CEO, MD Revolution. “A 50% reduction in readmissions translates to millions in savings annually for a large health system or practice, with tremendous benefits for patients, especially those enrolled in Medicare.”

To learn more about the methodology, solutions, and sustained decrease in readmissions over time, access the full case study now.

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