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3 months ago

New research reveals that healthcare C-suites are moving to implement RPM and CCM to improve patient outcomes, increase satisfaction and build practice value.
A new survey of 141 healthcare executives shows that C-suites are expanding their budgets to establish programs that increase patient and clinician satisfaction, improve outcomes, reduce overall expenses and unlock new revenue. The research illustrates how underlying technologies that drive those business goals are proving to be a valuable investment that delivers ROI — when operated strategically.

Key findings in our research include:

Care Quality ROI

90% of survey respondents say RPM yielded a positive ROI from a care quality perspective
66% say implementing CCM resulted in a strong care quality ROI using the platform

Patient Care

79% of survey respondents say CCM has a positive impact on care
76% say RPM has a positive impact on patient care

Patient Satisfaction

70% of survey respondents say CCM improved patient satisfaction
67% say RPM improved patient satisfaction

Partner Satisfaction

90% of survey respondents working with an external partner for RPM and CCM are satisfied
85% are unlikely to switch partners

Learn more about how implementing RPM and CCM together enables physician practices and health systems to positively impact patient care, increase patient satisfaction and deliver ROI that achieves business and clinical expectations.

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