August 11 2015

All About Your RevUp Health Coach

All About Your RevUp Health Coach

Written by Jeanne Reilly, RevUp Health Coach


What is a RevUp Health Coach? 

So, you’ve begun your journey towards improved health by joining RevUp and have been welcomed by your health coach. Or maybe you’ve been on RevUp for some time but you’re not quite sure how best to utilize your health coach. First off, you might be wondering what a health coach is exactly. A health coach is a wellness professional and mentor who motivates you to make positive health choices in your life. They steer you in the direction of your health goals by providing education and support for making achievable lifestyle and behavior adjustments. They provide the human relationship and accountability necessary for you to turn thinking into action and action into results. 

What Does Your RevUp Health Coach Do?

Your health coach understands how people change. They use their expertise to help you make sustainable changes in a way that fits into your day-to-day lifestyle.

Your Health Coach Can:

  • Provide you with health information and resources to understand what is necessary and build the skills to progress toward your goals
  • Be available for encouragement and motivation to keep you consistent in your healthy habits. When life throws you curveballs, your coach helps you develop strategies to incorporate positive nutrition and fitness habits into any crazy situation.
  • Help you break your health goals down into specific daily skills that build upon each other and lead you towards desired behaviors.
  • Offer accountability without judgment
  • Listen to your concerns, provide feedback, make adjustments, and search for answers with you
  • Provide a safe, trusting environment for reflection, learning, and instruction on how to take action when you feel stuck
  • Be your cheerleader and teammate, while helping you look for and celebrate every little bit of positive progress you make. They encourage you to keep going when you don’t think you have the ability and they help you find the way to the finish line.

What Does a RevUp Health Coach Not Do?

A health coach is not your medical provider. They do not diagnose or treat illness. They are trained health care professionals such as nurses, dietitians, and fitness specialists. When you require attention that is outside of their scope of practice, they will refer you to the appropriate medical provider.

Your Relationship with Your RevUp Health Coach is Determined by You

You’ll get regular messages from your coach checking in with you because accountability works best at regular intervals. Your coach is also available when you need them. To make your experience with RevUp as personal as possible, give your coach the most information you can and reach out to them for help when you need it. Send them messages, ask them questions and let them know when you need help taking that next step forward. 

About Jeanne Reilly, MS, Nutritionist on the RevUp Care Team

Master of Science (MS) in Food & Nutrition Science
Registered Dietitian (RD)

Specialties: Population and mobile health nutrition management, behavior change, food quality, and diet optimization for athletic performance

More about me: I grew up in Southern California and received my MS from Framingham State University. I have worked as a personal trainer and counseled individuals and groups to improve overall, disease, and sports-specific nutrition. I love healthy cooking and being active outdoors.

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