Scalable Remote Care Programs with MD Revolution

1 month ago

MD Revolution's programs are infinitely scalable, backed by leading technology and the best clinical team in the industry.

Let's get you started building a remote care program that delivers real outcomes for you and your patients. Let's get you started building a remote care program that delivers real outcomes for you and your patients. ​

MD Revolution is the industry leader in building sustainable comprehensive remote care programs tailored to your needs.

Partnering our clinical team with your medical staff divides the workload, allowing your practice to provide cost-effective, quality remote care, and sets you up for a sustainable, successful program. Our goal is to help health care professionals deliver quality, remote care to patients. 

We can fully deploy scalable solutions in weeks, not months. 

Our RevUp technology includes programs for Chronic Care Management (CCM), Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Annual Wellness Visits (AMV), COVID Symptom Monitoring, and so much more. 

Marketing and Enrollment

Our Enrollment Specialists help reach and enroll your patients. Our customized marketing material help inform and promote your care programs.

Patient Relationships

Population health success happens one patient at a time. We personalize care with patient goals to meet patients where they are at and build lasting engagement.

Clinical Tools

Our care management platform provides data-driven clinical tools for care plan development, care planning, patient monitoring and assessments.

Patient Technology

Our easy-to-use patient technology help connect patients through our web and mobile apps, digital messaging and cellular connected monitoring devices, providing seamless 24/4 connections.

Care Delivery Protocols

Our care path proactively plans patient interactions, establish diagnosis specific interventions, driven by clinical goals and monitoring protocols.

EHR Integration

Robust, two-way integrations put program ordering processes, clinical documentation and claims directly into your EHR.

Contact us today by submitting a contact form or by live chat to find out how we can help you launch a successful remote care program.

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