MD Revolution and DrChrono EHR Integration

4 years ago

New RevUp Integration Spotlight: DrChrono EHR

The RevUp integration ecosystem continues to grow with our latest integration between the RevUp platform and the DrChrono EHR platform.

With its turn-key programs, RevUp leverages built-in DrChrono EHR workflows that allow practices to enroll and monitor their remote or chronic care patients efficiently without having to learn new systems.  RevUp can be deployed and integrated with DrChrono in days, not weeks, to any practice.

In particular, RevUp’s deep integration with DrChrono includes:

  • Clinical care management team that works as an extension of the practice to deliver effective and complaint care management programs that improve the patient experience and generate practice revenue.
  • Telephone coaching and digital patient engagement delivered through RevUp application and integrated devices. 
  • Programs that meet and exceed Medicare requirements for CCM, RPM and Behavioral Health. 
  • Frequent virtual contact to keep patients engaged, and identify issues resulting from isolation and social distancing.
  • Direct connectivity and integration with DrChrono EHR including automated claims creation.
  • Customized care coordination and escalation protocols to support practice operations.
  • Rapid service deployment and patient enrollment, focused on quickly starting service for patients in under 7 days. 

Overcoming Challenges When Conducting a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Rollout 

While Remote Patient Monitoring may be a new paradigm for many practices, MD Revolution’s extensive experience in this marketplaces means we have developed solutions to many of the challenges other device manufacturers face when rolling out a remote patient monitoring solution.

MD Revolution’s RevUp RPM service offers: 

  • Seamless device onboarding and provisioning, including device returns and replacements 
  • Well-developed patient onboarding and training programs
  • Integration with a variety of diagnostic devices
  • Data management and presenting information in a meaningful and actionable report
  • Provider training for onboarding patients 
  • A customizable solution for all practice types
  • Direct integration of patient reports and billing claims

Reach out to discuss your plans if you are considering rolling out an RPM solution for your practice.