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RevUp is now available to Specialty Networks’ provider members to monitor and manage care for patients living with two or more chronic conditions. With comprehensive technology and clinical programs as a service, your practice can reach more patients in less time, without disrupting current workflows.

Comprehensive technology and clinical programs as a service

Through our robust, universal EHR integrations, practices have access to the uniquely comprehensive features of RevUp’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) programs, like telephonic patient enrollment, a dedicated team of health coaches, cellular connected devices, and automatic claims creation. RevUp allows programs to get off the ground seamlessly with fast reimbursements – all while living in your EHR environment.
Quick to deploy and intuitive to use, RevUp ensures better care coordination and communication – enabling patient engagement, better outcomes, and a meaningful competitive advantage.

Run and monitor the program directly from your Electronic Health Record:

Doctor at Computer

Chronic Care Management

Your care plan is delivered by our clinicians through a robust, integrated platform, increasing patient engagement and generating billable revenue to grow your practice.

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

Remote Patient Monitoring

Allows practices to bring consistent and reliable care into the lives of their patients, with trusted, cellular devices, on-demand support and 24/7 emergency response.

Little effort. Big return.

Simply identify eligible Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients with two or more chronic conditions within your EHR. Then we do the rest!

We enroll and provision

We plan, care and educate

We engage and measure

We monitor and triage

We report and generate billing claims


of Medicare beneficiaries have two or more chronic conditions


of physicians surveyed by Deloitte expect patient-generated data from wearables, apps and devices will be integrated into care delivery in the next 5-10 years.

Faster enrollment means faster reimbursement!

With its turn-key programs, the RevUp application and clinical teams leverage built-in EHR workflows to efficiently enroll and monitor remote or chronic care patients for your practice, without changes to your current staff or having to learn new systems. 

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Chronic Care Management

The RevUp Chronic Care Management program works as an extension of your practice to provide personalized support for your patients, enabling participation in Medicare CCM programs. These codes include 99490, G0511 for FQHC/RHC, and G0506 for initiation visits.

Benefits for Patients and Your Practice:

RevUp Messaging Platform Remote Patient Monitoring

Implementation Made Easy

We provide every customer with dedicated account management, information technology, and clinical staff to make implementing your RPM or CCM program simple. Our digital practice within a traditional practice model makes it easy to integrate our care management solutions into physician practice workflows and population health management programs.

Our personal health coaching and technology tools leverage motivational techniques to amplify personalized and accountable relationships with each patient and their caregiver, collect and track patient data and drive ongoing engagement.

Guided by clinicians, patients select personal health goals to support their care plan. 

Flexible options for Engagement and Sign-Up

We have software options to provide your team with access to our industry leading engagement and monitoring platform to scale your programs.

We can integrate your devices into our platform for use in your programs.

We get that a lot! We have migration options to make the transition seamless to your existing patients and begin getting the benefits of our ability to scale.

We can help design a program to your specifications.

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