MD Revolution, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare launch Remote Patient Monitoring for COVID-19 Patients

3 years ago

Solana Beach, CA and Memphis, TN – MD Revolution, a San Diego-based care management company, has successfully integrated its Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) programs with Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare protocols to rapidly deploy effective and personalized COVID-19 care to non-critical Methodist COVID-19 patients. Employing MD Revolution’s expert clinical care team and RevUp patient software, Methodist has now safely enrolled over 100 COVID-19 patients from their hospital, freeing up space for more critical cases.

Responding to the COVID-19 Delta Variant

The COVID-19 Delta Variant has had an outsized impact on the Memphis, TN community, which is served by Methodist University Hospital. To keep up with admissions and treat the most critical patients first, hospital administration made a quick decision at the beginning of this current wave of infections to employ Remote Patient Monitoring tools and technology for less-critical patients. This has allowed the hospital to accomplish two goals:

  1. safely discharge non-critical patients to free up hospital space
  2. position these patients to be monitored at home by the MD Revolution care team, with vitals and measurements sent directly to their primary care physicians, who are most familiar with their overall health and care needs. 

MD Revolution was the only Remote Patient Monitoring vendor that could fill this need completely, with full integration into Methodist Hospital’s existing systems and workflow. From concept to implementation, MD Revolution rolled out its adaptable RevUp remote care platform in a matter of days.

Remote Monitoring of COVID Patients 

Modeled after their previous joint “COVID-to-Home” initiative with Electronic Caregiver, this latest program bridges the gap between traditional healthcare and Remote Patient Monitoring, by connecting patients and providers remotely through the RevUp software. RevUp, MD Revolution’s integrated patient care platform, combines vitals monitoring with health coaching, to provide 24 hour clinical care assistance. This program is generally utilized by Medicare beneficiaries, but has proven adaptable under COVID-19 patient protocols. 

This latest initiative permits subacute COVID-19 patients to recover at home, closely monitored throughout the day by MD Revolution’s clinical care team, with escalation procedures in place should breakthrough conditions arise. The patients’ vitals data is automatically sent to their electronic health record, and their primary care physician, at regular intervals, so everyone is in the loop. 

“When partnerships work, they really work,” said MD Revolution Director of Sales and Business Development, Paul Huffman. “MD Revolution brings a complete care management platform, fully-integrated with Methodist Hospital’s EHR, as well as our clinical care team and the RevUp platform. Electronic Caregiver’s devices are the best in the business, and work seamlessly with our platform. This means we can quickly offload non-urgent clinical care from an overburdened hospital system in a matter of days, when called upon.”

This program’s success marks the beginning of what MD Revolution hopes will be a seismic shift in the healthcare landscape. MD Revolution’s software has proven adaptable to meet the demands of COVID-19 care, and the company plans to expand their impact across a variety of medical disciplines.

“We’re on a mission to digitally connect millions of Medicare beneficiaries to their primary care physician or specialist, and forward-thinking medical practices and hospitals realize the benefits of partnering with us to deliver scalable, profitable remote care programs,” said MD Revolution CEO Kyle Williams.

About MD Revolution, Inc. 

MD Revolution, Inc. is an innovative Care Management company that uniquely combines technology, services, and analytics to produce scalable, high-touch care models that enrich the patient-provider experience and, more specifically, mitigate the challenges associated with meeting the requirements for Medicare’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) initiative, Behavioral Health Integration (BHI), population health programs, Annual Wellness Visits (AWV), as well as supporting Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and other digital health services. Solutions are available as turn-key solutions, software-as-a-service, and through reseller partners.  |  

About Electronic Caregiver

Electronic Caregiver® has become a leading and highly recognized brand for virtual care solutions and remote patient monitoring services. The company staff size more than doubled in 2019 and is nearing 150 full-time employees. Electronic Caregiver has invested more than $80 million and 10 years into research, development and a staged rollout of virtual care and health management solutions for chronic care patients, child patients, and older adults.

Electronic Caregiver offers its solutions through a network of leading national home care providers, health institutions, and team members. Addison Care™ is the company’s most advanced new technology, offering a Virtual Caregiver™ that deploys technology using IoT, 3D animation, mixed reality, Bluetooth, natural language processing, machine learning, visual sensing, and a suite of integrated electronics. The company operates its business using an advanced, proprietary, enterprise level health management platform (PaaS), named ADDI. The platform provides support and management of individual care plans, health data and alerts, health network integrations, and a fleet of proprietary connected care hardware solutions. 

Electronic Caregiver and Addison Care™ are now involved in numerous official clinical research initiatives in clinical settings to further validate utilization and efficacy in areas of improved outcomes, improved treatment adherence, and optimized continuum of |