RevUp by MD Revolution Certified by Veradigm Connect, Bringing Proven Guidance to Scale Remote Care

10 months ago

San Diego, California – May 2, 2023

MD Revolution announced today that RevUp is now part of Veradigm Connect, formerly the Allscripts Developer Program. As a leading provider of comprehensive Remote Care Management technology and clinical care, MD Revolution advances provider access to solutions that simplify and enhance the on-going realization of a patient’s care plan. Available now on the Veradigm App Expo, MD Revolution’s RevUp platform is purpose-built to address care outside of traditional encounters, enabling provider teams to connect more frequently and more easily with patients living with chronic conditions. MD Revolution recognizes the marked adoption of new norms in care delivery, such as shifting site of care and demands for enhanced interoperability, and responds with realizable competitive advantages for providers choosing to implement remote care programs.

Through time-tested technology and complete clinical programs as a service, MD Revolution enables compliant, revenue-producing participation in fee-for-service initiatives at scale, namely Medicare’s Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring programs together as one. With little effort and lead time required from practices, MD Revolution systematically integrates high-touch remote care management with practice workflows, directly within the EHR. By combining direct patient outreach, connected devices, and digital tools, MD Revolution delivers scalable and enduring provider and patient engagement – all managed within Veradigm EHR.“

Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring programs now make it possible for a physician to extend their connections with patients, especially those who need them the most,” said Paul Huffman, Vice President of Sales & Business Development at MD Revolution. “To realize their potential, however, the demands on a physician’s and staff time, the reluctance of some patients to embrace non-traditional care and software integration challenges need to be overcome. These are the pain points we aim to address every day, but our integration with Veradigm is one less obstacle that stands in a practice’s way of implementing a successful remote care program.”

Through user-friendly communications and task-based workflows, providers and their teams gain actionable, data-informed insights to enhance and extend patient care. RevUp software solutions are directly available to power practices and health systems with established care teams, or as an integrated solution within a turnkey service model, utilized by MD Revolution’s clinical care team as an extension of the practice.

“Our clinical platform was designed by clinicians to provide comprehensive care management tools including patient messaging, a variety of remote monitoring devices and care planning tools, all focused on engagement. We automated processes of tasking and claims to allow clinicians to be focused on direct patient care,” said Michael Moore, Vice President of Product at MD Revolution. “Our clinical team’s daily utilization of our technology allows us to continually improve the care management tools, deploy the best digital devices, and expand the types of programs, use cases, and quickly respond to compliance and billing changes. Because our tools are easy for the patient and provider to use, insightfully integrated within the Veradigm EHR, the practices we serve benefit from an extended care team — one that increases care plan adherence, staff efficiency, and financial performance.”

The certification leverages shared and longstanding expertise in improving provider and patient experiences, allowing speed from innovation to implementation to deliver higher-quality, more personalized care, seamlessly integrate devices, lower costs, and improve outcomes. Within this intuitive user experience, Veradigm EHR and Veradigm Practice Management users have access to the uniquely comprehensive features of MD Revolution’s remote care programs, such as marketing and telephonic enrollment services, a dedicated team of care coordinators, digital patient engagement, cellular-connected devices with built-in PERS, and documentation and claims generation. Integrated remote care management workflows are also highly tailored to accommodate a practice’s unique clinical, billing and compliance requirements. MD Revolution’s programs can be deployed seamlessly in days and scaled to any practice size.

“With more than 400 successful implementations, we’ve provided each practice with proven guidance to initiate effective and sustainable remote care management programs,” said Kyle Williams, Chief Executive Officer of MD Revolution. “Whether our customers implement their program with their own staff or choose to rely on our team to handle clinical tasks and oversight, we’re delivering on our promises, one of which is audit-tested Medicare reimbursement at scale. Having complete interoperability with partners such as Veradigm allows us to continue realizing the effectiveness these programs are designed to achieve.”

MD Revolution has been at the forefront of remote health innovation since 2011, representing over 1,700 providers and 150,000 patients, supporting clients in 5/5 passing MAC audits, and collecting and evaluating over 19 million vital measurements through care delivery. To learn more about MD Revolution’s long history of Remote Care Management and their tight integration with the Veradigm EHR, visit

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MD Revolution delivers purpose-built remote care management programs for Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, and more, combining clinical care services and best in class tools to proactively plan ongoing care, engage patients through connected devices and applications, and provide compliance and billing operations. Through user-friendly communications and task-based workflows, providers and their teams gain actionable, data-informed insights to enhance and extend patient care. As a partner to the leading EHRs and digital device manufacturers, MD Revolution has successfully managed an array of complex integrations to accommodate large, diverse patient populations and unique care and payment models. For more information, visit, or find MD Revolution on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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