Getting healthy starts with targeting the real drivers of chronic disease

Changing what you measure changes everything

Monitoring weight and body mass index alone is not the path to good health. Getting healthy requires targeting the real drivers of chronic disease—visceral fat, metabolism, and VO2. Through our prescriptive-based digital health solution, RevUp, we encourage behavior changes proven to help prevent or reverse chronic diseases like Type II diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and heart disease.

Visceral fat

Visceral fat is the dangerous fat around the abdomen that surrounds our organs. Sometimes referred to as “belly fat,” it is a metabolically active tissue leading to low grade chronic inflammation and is associated with chronic diseases including Type II diabetes and obesity. 


VO2 is a measure of our body's capacity to use oxygen during exercise and is a great indicator of fitness. When low, VO2 is also a well-established indicator of disease risk and even death. Research has shown that a 1-MET improvement in VO2 (3.5 ml/kg/min) reduces risk of mortality by 15% and risk of cardiovascular disease by 19%.


Metabolism is the process of energy intake, storage, and waste removal. Low fitness, high amounts of visceral fat, and/or low metabolic rate can lead to imbalance and dysfunction. Several factors determine metabolic rate, including age, gender, and proportion of lean body mass.

Information is good. Actionable information is better. 

Collecting information is only helpful if you know what to do with it. The RevUp app integrates data from various health devices and identifies patterns that can develop into chronic conditions. That data informs personalized feedback and recommendations delivered through the platform.

RevUp points are more than just rewards

Developed in our R&D lab and validated through a series of case studies, the RevUp points system is tightly linked to clinical outcomes. Our points system ties points to behaviors we know will result in tangible improvements in your health, such as coming off blood pressure medication, reducing body fat, or improving your cardiovascular fitness.

Small lifestyle changes can have a big impact

Our care team of expert health coaches—nurses, nutritionists, and fitness specialists—monitors the information entered into RevUp and creates personalized programs that are easy to adopt and maintain. Small changes become everyday habits so you can sustain your new approach to health, nutrition, and fitness. 

I learned about raising my metabolic rate and the importance of body fat composition.
The A-ha moment came when I saw the data. I’m a scientist, I live and breathe data.
It absolutely convinced me that this was the right thing to do."

David Webb, PhD

The Scripps Research Institute

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