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I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life. In my twenties, I tried so many fad diets that I lost count. In my thirties, I gave up trying and my weight kept creeping up. I realized that I was extremely lucky to avoid any serious health problems, but now that I'm in my forties, I cannot put off my health any longer. With RevUp, I feel as if I'm part of a team. I know that I'm doing the absolute best possible workouts for me, plus I know that someone is checking my heart rate monitor to make sure that I did what I should. When I choose my meals, I know that someone is checking my food log to make sure that I made smart choices. I am the one doing the work, but I'm motivated because of the team that I have behind me. In the few months that I've been on RevUp, I've lost fat, gained muscle, and more importantly, taken control of my body." 

Lara G., 43

As a practicing physician in Internal Medicine, I have many patients who struggle with weight loss, as well as health problems such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Many of my patients put a great deal of effort into improving their health, but get frustrated when they don't see results. The program provides patients with the tools to maximize their time and effort to achieve the most success. RevUp offers the precision and personalized approach that is lacking in traditional medicine and instead, is truly at the cutting edge of modern medicine."

Biraj D. Shah, MD

Internist, Scripps Clinic

As an amateur athlete, I regularly exercise 4–6 times a week doing biking, running, and swimming. However, I wanted to improve my performance, but didn't know how to step up my training and nutrition until I met my RevUp care team. Based upon their guidance I began to add interval training to my workouts. I added protein supplements to my diet and increased the variety of foods and the frequency of my eating. This improved my race times, dropping two minutes off my four-mile time, enabling me to set a 21:08 PR in the 5K. The most important change has been that my wife has become serious about the same training I am now doing. She had never run a 5K before, and she completed her first one this summer. She even trained with friends to walk a marathon. She takes great pride in tracking her interval training and we compare our Digifit graphs and Fitbit steps regularly. We go on bike rides and we jog together on our local 3.6-mile trail. She is more fit now at 51 than she has ever been in her life."

Chris W., 52

I'm a scientist and have spent my career looking for new therapies to treat cancer, HIV and other conditions. But even I realize that medical science has its limitations. The best way to deal with illness is to prevent it and this is especially true for my own wellbeing. I have a family history of heart disease and had a stent placed a few years ago to keep one of my arteries open. I don't want any more cardiovascular complications. When I found RevUp, I was struck by the program's combination of data and personalized coaching. The A-ha moment came when I saw the data—it absolutely convinced me that this was the right thing to do. The feedback from my coaches was icing on the cake. Having the reinforcement of nutritional and fitness experts just lends more weight to it. I've never felt better cared for. My body fat went from 18 percent to 11 percent. The most astonishing piece is that I've actually increased muscle. For a 70 year-old to increase muscle mass is extraordinarily rare."  

David Webb, PhD

At age 51, my blood pressure reached such high levels that I knew I had to do something. RevUp's unique approach to your overall health really worked for me. Utilizing state-of-the-art genetic and metabolic tests they were able to determine exactly what I needed to get back on the road to a healthier life. They learned the exact type of exercise and diet that would make the most sense for me and provided me with the latest in wireless technology to help me achieve my goals. Thirty-five pounds lighter, I no longer require blood pressure medication and I feel better than I have in years."

Mike C., 51

With RevUp, I found myself having the desire to eat better and I'm way more active. I'm down to 1/2 a blood pressure pill a day and completely off my blood sugar pill."

Debbie Dickie

Sharp HealthCare Employee

Digital medicine is clearly the medical model of the future. RevUp and their team of specialists bring this concept to life. I was looking for a preventive model of health care that was up and running NOW. You see, I have seven of the most wonderful grandchildren imaginable and they expect me to be around for the next thirty years. To start with, the nutritionist looked at my current diet and helped me tweak it to make it healthier. The fitness specialist helped me get greater benefit from my physical activity. The wireless devices make tracking this a breeze. Blood pressure, weight, diet, and exercise are all sent automatically to my care team. I love that this is not a weight loss clinic, but a path to a healthier life. Since making these changes, my energy level has shot through the roof and I've dropped those few extra pounds. I am not doing something extra. I am living my life and I LOVE IT!"

Judy Churchill, PhD

I joined RevUp from my current employer. Sure, I wanted to lose weight and lower my body fat, but I also wanted to improve my snowboarding performance. I think the best tool was the live feedback from my coaches. They taught me about workouts, heart rate zones and VO2 max, and how I could use those to improve my routine and get results. I lost 30 pounds over six months and had to buy new pants because I lost so much weight! My resting heart rate has gone down to the low 50s. I feel energetic, stronger and a lot healthier. When I went on my last snowboarding trip, I was completely amazed at how much better I was in terms of endurance, balance and speed."

Rocco V.

I worked out every day in college, but when it was done, I was so burnt out I never wanted to do it again. For me, RevUp has been kind of a savior. The feedback from coaches really gets me engaged, and it’s nice to see everything on your computer screen: how much you’re walking or running and calories in versus calories out. Plus there’s that friendly competition. I know it’s helped me a lot. There’s also a mental element. You’re putting all that effort into exercising; you don’t want to blow it by eating badly. And you can really see how what you eat and how you exercise relate back to your actual health. I have lost 20 pounds, lowered my triglycerides and improved my cholesterol."

Jarrod Limbach, Manager of Wellness and Disease Management

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