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RevUp Digital Care Management Platform - Revolutionary care technology


The MD Revolution RevUp platform is an easy-to-use digital care management tool accessible through our website or our native app for iOS. This means it’s easy for patients to access their health information or log activities, anytime and anywhere.

Our platform collects hundreds of data points to provide a holistic view of a patient’s condition, enabling the creation of a personalized care plan. We’ve seen significant improvements in patient engagement and outcomes when utilizing the RevUp platform for care management and believe that our technology provides the perfect interface for all populations.

Watch our short video to see RevUp in action or contact us to learn more about how RevUp can improve your population’s health.

RevUp Points Measure Success

The RevUp points system is an integral part of our program. Developed in a clinical lab, we correlate points to behaviors we know will help a patient reach a healthy outcome. It’s also an easy way for patients to know they’re doing the right things.

Patients receive points for activities such as logging a meal, weighing themselves, logging their blood pressure or glucose.


RevUp Personalized Dashboard

The dashboard displays the number of RevUp points earned, steps taken, meals logged and activities logged by a patient in a selected timeframe. This information provides a quick and simple snapshot of the patient’s health status. RevUp users can easily log and track all meals or activities directly from the dashboard.

The dashboard can be personalized by changing the background image and profile image as well as creating a personal motivational statement. Making it personal reminds us why we want to take the necessary steps towards a healthier lifestyle.


Care Team Communication

With a dedicated team of health coaches, RevUp users get feedback, tips, and advice anytime, anywhere.

Patients communicate directly with our qualified RevUp clinical team via conversation-style messaging within the RevUp app. The clinical team helps make sense of health, activity and nutrition data while also providing real-time feedback. A patient’s ability to interact with a trained care team is one of MD Revolution’s unique advantages and what makes us different.

Our care team’s protocols are grounded in the latest research on behavioral change and helps patients start off with making small, sustainable lifestyle changes that will lead to real health outcomes and an improved quality of life.

Meet the care team.

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Nutrition and Food Journaling

We know that recording meals can be tedious, so we use photo food journaling to make it quick and easy. Photo food journaling provides the nutrition coaches with a more accurate representation of daily food intake and provides a better look at overall nutrition habits. Nutrition can also be logged through manual entry or the myfitnesspal app. 

The “My charts” tab displays dynamic nutrition graphs. Nutrition experts have access to these graphs and reference them while giving personal feedback.  

We’ve also included an option to “get expert feedback” which notifies the patient’s nurse that feedback is needed on the specific item posted. 


Health Information

On the Health tab of the RevUp application, the patient and their RevUp nurse can view health graphs that are populated by data coming in from manual entries or health devices.

We monitor and measure any increase or change in body composition, blood sugar, and blood pressure and provide real-time feedback accordingly.

RevUp also integrates lab data, which allows patients to track trends over time. There’s also educational information about whether their data is in the acceptable range and what to do, if it’s not.


Activity Logging

Track all your activities—from a morning workout to an evening stroll.

Like the nutrition page, a patient can view their fitness activity through charts or the journey layout. Patients with a digital accelerometer, like a Fitbit, can sync their device so step data is automatically uploaded. Otherwise, patients can log their activities using the “Log an Activity+” button at the top of the page, choosing from a variety of activities like swimming or bike riding.  

Our fitness specialists will even teach about MD Revolution's formula for interval training and help find the right workout to achieve a patient's goals.


I’m 65 years old; I was never a physical person. I was susceptible to pneumonia and my lungs had collapsed a couple of times. I didn’t have much energy, and I knew it was from not getting enough oxygen, but I didn’t think there was anything that could be done about it. RevUp changed my attitude, and it changed how I feel physically. It’s pretty amazing."

Carlin L.

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