Enhancing the patient-provider relationship

We partner with providers, payers and patients to enhance care and increase organizational profitability. Our scalable, digital care management solutions have been designed to enrich the patient-provider relationship and improve patient health.

  • Clinically validated solution with proven engagement and outcomes data
  • Machine learning platform sorts and analyzes incoming data used to personalize care and coaching
  • Over 100+ discrete data points collected on a patient’s health and behavior
  • Integrates with multiple electronic health records systems (EHRs)
  • Robust toolkit for training providers on digital health delivery

Scalable Care Management Technology

We create and employ technology that scales personalized interactions and enables sustained engagement. We use sophisticated algorithms and analytics to identify the highest risk individuals and assess what is working and what is not. Machine learning capabilities mean our platform gets smarter over time, allowing us to deliver more comprehensive, personalized interventions.

See how our Digital Care Management Platform, RevUp engages your population in their health and wellness. 

Implementation Made Easy

We provide every customer with dedicated account management, information technology and clinical staff to make implementing RevUp simple. Our digital practice within a traditional practice model makes it easy to integrate our care management solutions into physician practice workflows and population health management programs.

Discover the process we use to help RevUp Care Management.

Clinically Validated, Patient-centered

MD Revolution’s roots are grounded in science, that’s why all of our care management solutions have been designed with the latest research on chronic disease in mind.

Founded and led by a cardiologist, we understand the importance of value-based care. We employ nurses to oversee clinical protocols and care delivery. And our care team leads are highly educated, certified experts from the health, nutrition and fitness fields.  

See who's on our leadership team and meet our expert care team.

We’re only a couple of months into the internal pilot, but I can see the employees are starting to jump on board. And for me, it’s really nice to practice what you preach.”

Jarrod Limbach, Manager of Wellness and Disease Management

Advantage Health Solutions

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