Diane Marolda – Hamilton Cardiology

Spotlight on Diane: What makes Hamilton Cardiology such a dedicated client?

Diane Marolda, Director of Clinical Operations at Hamilton Cardiology, has utilized our Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) programs to their fullest potential. As one of the fastest adopters and top 1% of utilizers of these programs, Hamilton Cardiology’s effective implementation practices have brought consistent and reliable care into the lives of their patients. We at MD Revolution became invested in Diane’s implementation model and how other providers can follow in her footsteps. So, we had our VP of Sales and Business Development, Paul Huffman, sit down with Diane to discuss Hamilton Cardiology’s unique strategy towards providing and maintaining quality care:

What would you tell another practice that’s looking to get into Remote Patient Monitoring or Chronic Care Management?

The first and most important thing you need is your Champion – either a physician champion or another provider champion who is going to be your biggest cheerleader and the one to deliver the message to the rest of the group. Our biggest champion is our CEO Dr. Ghusson. You really do have to have a team that’s starting at the very top that’s ready to support this program.

Second, you have to have an implementation team internally.

In the beginning, it’s a lot of work — just because my workflows work for Hamilton Cardiology doesn’t mean they will work for some other practice. Blood pressure is a big one for us, but with another practice it could be glucose monitoring. You really have to know your practice and know your patient population. You also have to know which of the diagnoses included in the care plan would be most compelling for your patient population to actually participate in Chronic Care Management.

The third most important thing is that you have to have buy-in from the staff. When we first started CCM, we launched an entire marketing campaign. The first people we were marketing to were our employees. They are our clients, too. They are the ones getting the phone calls, they are the ones answering the questions at check-in or check-out. Everyone really needs to be educated about this program and be able to handle questions. It is the ongoing commitment of the entire practice to stay involved and stay motivated.

Diane and her team at Hamilton Cardiology exemplify all that is possible within the RPM and CCM framework. With a team dedicated to reliable, long-term implementation, Hamilton Cardiology is consistently providing their patients with the highest quality care. We at MD Revolution are impressed by Diane’s achievements and are excited to see what her and her team accomplish in the future!