Case Study: RevUp Drives Results


Under our current reactive disease-care model, $1.8 of the $2.7 trillion of healthcare costs are spent on preventable chronic diseases1.

In contrast, there are over 40,000 mobile health apps in the iTunes store, ranging from calorie counters to medication reminders. Sales of digital and wearable technologies such as the Fitbit, Withings scale, and Jawbone Up, among others, are expected to top 64 million devices by 20162.

Despite broad availability of personalized information from these devices and apps, these technologies have not resulted in sustainable health outcomes or lower healthcare costs.


In order to prevent chronic disease and reverse cost trends, we need to focus on the metrics that matter and pair data produced from wearables and apps with personalized feedback from a care team of health coaches, including fitness professionals, nurse practitioners, and nutritionists. This creates a powerful feedback loop that improves individual awareness for one’s activities, while the relationship developed with the digital coach fosters personal accountability.

MD Revolution’s digital health platform, RevUp, focuses on the real drivers of chronic disease—visceral fat, metabolism, and VO2—and is proven to reduce healthcare costs and deliver real, measurable improvements in health and wellbeing


After 180 days, 200 high risk* employees with 2 devices and personalized coaching achieved statistically significant improvements. 

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2. Market research by Berg Insight and International Data Corporation
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* 2 or more chronic conditions including morbidly obese, diabetic, hypertensive
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