Chronic Care Management Overview

Everything You Need to Know
About Medicare's
Chronic Care Management Payment


The 2015 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) will pay for non face-to-face services for Chronic Care Management (CCM). For the first time, physicians will be compensated for managing patients’ chronic conditions outside of regular office visits. 

CCM Regulation Criteria


  • 20 minutes of non face-to-face chronic care services
  • Medicare patients with 2+ chronic conditions will be eligible
  • Only one providing physician may bill
  • Services can be billed at the end of every month

For more in depth details on the regulation, review MD Revolution's Chronic Care Management Bulletin

Compliance with Medicare Chronic Care Management requirements is essential to assure payment. MD Revolution's digital health platform, RevUp, integrates seamlessly with your practice workflow and EHR system to enhance patient communication and support patient care plans.

RevUp is a turnkey solution for administering and documenting the required 20 minutes of non face-to-face chronic care. Our care team of clinical professionals includes a nurse practitioner, registered dietitian, and a fitness specialist, that work together to monitor your patient's day-to-day activities and provide motivational coaching on lifestyle changes. 

For a quick summary of the requirements, download the RevUp for CCM Infographic.

More questions? Get answers on our FAQs page.


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I’m 65 years old; I was never a physical person. I was susceptible to pneumonia and my lungs had collapsed a couple of times. I didn’t have much energy, and I knew it was from not getting enough oxygen, but I didn’t think there was anything that could be done about it. RevUp changed my attitude, and it changed how I feel physically. It’s pretty amazing."

Carlin L.

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