MD Revolution, Inc. launches turnkey Remote Patient Monitoring to all customers including COVID-19 screening and assessment

4 years ago

San Diego, California – April 8, 2020 – MD Revolution, Inc., announced today it has expanded its RevUp care management platform’s Remote Patient Monitoring service offering to include support for new devices and Medicare billing codes. MD Revolution’s RevUp platform now offers an ideal combination of patient monitoring, assessment and management, incorporating full support for Annual Wellness Visits (AWV), Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)  and Chronic Care Management (CCM).

Effective immediately, the RevUp platform includes a COVID-19 screening and assessment tool, which has been rolled out to MD Revolution’s thousands of patients to help identify and slow the spread of the current pandemic. In addition to screening and assessment for COVID-19, MD Revolution’s care managers are providing patients with social support to combat isolation, as many patients are affected by orders to shelter-in-place. 

MD Revolution’s Remote Patient Monitoring is available as a standalone service, or an upgrade path to current Chronic Care Management services through the RevUp platform. 

“Remote Patient Monitoring is not just about devices and data,” according to Kyle Williams, CEO. “A successful RPM program must be paired with a patient engagement program to achieve sustainable results. RevUp provides this engagement, and delivers long-term health benefits to patients and fosters long-term relationships between medical practices and their patients.” 

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote monitoring of patients via connected devices has been an essential part of the MD Revolution Chronic Care Management service since its inception. Beginning in January 2020, and more recently expanded under the COVID-19 guidelines, Medicare has expanded access to RPM, which now affords MD Revolution’s clients the opportunity to offer RPM to their patients via their RevUp care management platforms. RPM codes provide reimbursement for a one-time patient education (CPT 99453), monthly device connection and transmission of data (CPT 99454) and monthly clinical monitoring and support (CPT 99457).

MD Revolution’s RPM service includes patient enrollment, seamless device provisioning and integration, education, monitoring and clinical support. Supported devices prompt patients to easily collect and securely transmit vital health information via the HIPAA-Compliant RevUp platform to skilled clinical professionals for monitoring. Patients can view their vitals in the web or mobile applications and communicate with their care team through secure app messaging or by phone. MD Revolution’s licensed teams work as an extension of the provider practice to manage patients, provide compliant documentation, escalate cases based on practice protocols and provide billing records. Integrated clients get the same automated billing claim creation as with Chronic Care Management services. 

“MD Revolution has now been working with our patients for over 3 years. In these uncertain times, it is a comfort to know that we have the support of their team to work with our patients. We are now rapidly adding Remote Patient Monitoring services to our current contract. Without their help, we would have never been able to provide this benefit to our patients,” said Mary Edwards, Manager of Lake County Medical. 

Importance of Patient Engagement

The RevUp care management platform works with a variety of integrated devices, including existing devices a client may already be using, in order to provide a fully connected patient engagement service.  

“In this time when patient care means remote care, a comprehensive care management solution like RevUp is the key to supporting patients, managing capacity and growing a practice. Adding Remote Patient Monitoring to Chronic Care Management adds to the many ways we can support patients and providers,” summarized Williams.  

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About MD Revolution, Inc. 

MD Revolution is an innovative Care Management company that uniquely combines technology, services, and analytics to produce scalable, high-touch care models that enrich the patient-provider experience and, more specifically, mitigate the challenges associated with meeting the requirements for Medicare’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) initiative, Behavioral Health Integration (BHI), population health programs, Annual Wellness Visits (AWV), as well as supporting Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and other digital health services.  Solutions are available as turn-key solutions, software-as-a-service, and through reseller partners.

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