Mayo Clinic Study on Remote Patient Monitoring of COVID-19 Patients

3 years ago

Enhancing Remote Patient Monitoring has proven highly effective at addressing the demands of COVID-19, showing promise for the future of RPM in the healthcare landscape more broadly. Due to the virus’ highly contagious nature, an immediate need for remote solutions gave way to an unprecedented surge in RPM implementation across healthcare organizations.

As a part of a new COVID-19 RPM initiative, The Mayo Clinic adapted their existing Chronic Care Management (CCM) program, equipped with a clinical care team, to accommodate the demands of non-hospitalized COVID-19 patients at risk of case-severity escalation. Results from a study showed program success for both patient engagement and hospitalization relief, assessing the outcomes of over 7,000 patients across 41 states. While distinct from MD Revolution’s successful COVID-19 RPM programs, the outcomes of this study reflect the high adaptability and efficacy of RPM that MD Revolution has been highlighting for years.

Leading healthcare professionals have also highlighted the potential for healthcare disparity mitigation through RPM. With patient engagement being one of the most successful facets of this program, it appears that remote clinical care is adaptable to meet the needs of a variety of healthcare disciplines while expanding its reach across communities.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, MD Revolution has been closely involved with providing remote monitoring services to healthcare organizations across the country, and we hope to continue expanding to meet ever-evolving demands. As RPM becomes more mainstream, we are thrilled to see our colleagues joining us in enhancing patient success through innovative care practices.

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