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Mobile Apps

If you have paid for the RevUp Cardio in-app account upgrades, but are unable to download your in-app purchase of "Enabling Sensors and Fitness Assessments",

  1. Contact RevUp Cardio's software provider Digifit and a rep will walk you through the troubleshooting process
    • Digifit Support Line: (805) 504-0066 ext.702
  2. Provide the Digifit rep with your RevUp Cardio Account Username
  3. Describe the issue to the rep
  4. Digifit will force push the download to the mobile device used for the RevUp Cardio in-app purchase
  5. Once Digifit sends the download, go to the "Account Profile"
  6. Select the "Sync" button at the top right corner of the window to sync your digital heart rate monitor

Try pressing the 'Forgot Password' link and follow prompts. You will then receive an email from RevUp. Follow the instructions in the email and sign in to RevUp with your newly set password. This is only to be done when the user is not sure of the e-mail that's being used to sign in.

RevUp only pulls cardio and workout data from the RevUp Cardio App (provided by Digifit). This data automatically populates on your RevUp Dashboard Home activity feed and your RevUp Fitness page activity log.

Workouts logged with any fitness app other than RevUp Cardio, such as the My Fitness Pal, Jawbone, or Fitbit apps, will not sync nor populate to your RevUp Account.

To log fitness activities:

  1. Login to RevUp
  2. Manually log a fitness activity from your:
    • RevUp Home Dashboard
    • RevUp Fitness page

Logging just got easier with our new RevUp iPhone App. Download the new RevUp App here.


Activity Tracker

Make sure your device is capable of Bluetooth 4.0. On Android, this is Firmware version 4.3+, and for Apple its iOS 7.0+.

The battery life typically lasts around 5-8 days for activity trackers such as Fitbit, Jawbone UP, and the Nike Fuelband.

To charge a Fitbit product:

Visit the Fitbit product help page for more info here.


To charge a Jawbone UP:

To charge your band, just remove the silver cap with the Jawbone logo and use the included USB cable to connect your band to a USB port. While charging, the sun will pulse red. When fully charged, the sun will glow solidly. It typically takes about 80 minutes to fully charge, but will charge to about 80% in 45 minutes.


To charge a Nike Fuelband:

When the battery is only partially drained, you can charge your FuelBand using any method (computer, car charger, wall adaptor, etc.).

If the battery is completely drained, only charge the FuelBand by plugging the device into your computer’s USB port. When your FuelBand loses all battery power, the clock stops. By plugging it into your computer, you automatically reset the clock by syncing it to your computer’s time and date settings.

The FuelBand battery will fully charge within 3-4 hours. The battery icon on the FuelBand will be filled when the FuelBand is fully charged. The expected battery life is 1-4 days.


Blood Pressure Cuff

Systolic arterial pressure is the pressure measurement when the heart is contracting. The highest figure taken is used when measuring this pressure.

Diastolic pressure is the pressure measurement taken when the heart relaxes. It is characterized by the lowest figure recorded when pressure is measured.

A person's blood pressure is constantly changing: as the heart rate measurements, blood pressure measurements can vary considerably through the course of a single day. One or two readings are not sufficient to get an accurate picture of your blood pressure.

Ideally, you should get into a habit of checking your blood pressure several times a day, every day.

A normal healthy person's blood pressure fluctuates within a rage of approximately ± 10 mmHg.

Body Composition Scale

  1. Access your "Apple Store Home" page on your iPad
  2. From the Home, go to the "App Store" 
  3. Find the "iPhone App" button at the top left of the App Store window
  4. Confirm the App Store has made all apps accessible
  5. Proceed with your Withings App download

When accessed via iPad, the Apple App Store defaults to iPad-only apps. Selecting “iPhone App” at the top left corner of the window allows you to switch the viewer mode so all apps can be accessed using your iPad. This will allow you to easily find, view, and download the Withings App.

No. The Withings scale cannot be connected to multiple devices. You can have multiple users created under one Withings account, however, RevUp will only sync the primary user of the Withings account.

To clean your scale, you only need a damp (water only) lint-free cloth. If your scale is really dirty, you can use crystal vinegar.

Body Mass Tape Measure

  1. Wrap the tape somewhat loosely around the desired body part, placing the nub into the designated hole it goes into.

  2. Press the star button to get it to retract to a constant tension. Release the star button.

  3. Remove the nub from the hole you put it into - without pressing the star. The reading is now locked in.

  4. Put the tape up to where you can read it - the tape will stay locked - if you don't press the star.

You can now read the circumference of whatever just wrapped it around - provided it's between about 6 inches and 60 inches.


An error message will appear on the app to remind you to use a new test strip or an error code will display on the meter if you are doing an offline test. 

Make sure you insert the test strip with the contact bars facing up into the test strip port. 


Prepare the lancing device first by following the steps below and press the lancing device against the site to be lanced. Press the release button to puncture the site.

1.Snap off the lancet device cap

2.Insert a new lancet firmly into the lancing holder cup

3.Twist the lancet cover off

4.Replace the lancing device cap

5.Set the lancing level

6.Cock the handle until it clicks

Minimum of 0.7 micro liter is required. 


Heart Rate Monitor

  1. First remove the snap on device.
  2. After removed, you can wash with a little soap and run the strap under water to clean.
  3. Then hang to dry.

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