Chronic Care Management and Annual Wellness Visits Combined

MD Revolution and WellTrackONE - A Combined
Chronic Care Management Solution

Increase Profits without Compromising Care

 Earn $675,000 of new revenue annually for every 1,000 patients enrolled. 

MD Revolution and WellTrackONE’s integrated end-to-end solution provides your patients with an Annual Wellness Visit and 20 minutes of monthly Chronic Care Management services. Our combined solution reduces risk and increases revenue;

Increased Practice Profitability

  • For every 100 enrolled patients $675 in incremental revenue
  • Minimal increase in provider work load
  • Improves 29 of the 33 ACO quality measure
  • Minimal disruption to current workflow
  • Increases attribution of 25%+
  • Complies with Medicare requirements for CCM billing CPT 99490
  • No Fixed costs

Improved Patient Engagement

  • Reduces risk factors
  • Increases medication compliance
  • Enhances care through on going communication with a licensed clinician.
  • Provides caregivers peace of mind


Two Companies - One Effective Solution

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We leverage the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit using a complete suite of solutions including scheduling, staffing and documentation. Operating as the most comprehensive solution in the industry, our comprehensive population management tool enables Healthcare Organizations to better manage risk while providing a significant new revenue opportunity. Our proprietary Clinical Triggers™ provide Healthcare Organizations in-depth information to build highly effective care plans and reduce risks to the hospital. 


Our chronic care management solutions help moderate to high-risk individuals improve their health and prevent additional, costly complications, such as emergency room visits and hospital readmissions. From proven case management practices to cutting edge digital health tools, we provide profitable and accessible care management solutions that can be configured to meet the needs of our customer’s unique populations and provide necessary documentation to meet Medicare’s billing requirement.

Chronic Care Management Requirements For Billing

There are a number of requirements that practices or medical groups must meet: 



Combined Solution - Streamlined Implementation

With the assistance of an onsite CMA – orchestrating the AWV and enrolling patients on the CCM platform – the streamlined process can be quickly implemented. MD Revolution and WellTrackONE's joint end-to-end solution easily helps you satisfy Medicare's requirements for payment.

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