August 7 2015

Be the Healthy You

Be the Healthy You

Written by Amy Clark, RevUp Health Coach

What Does Being Healthy Mean to You?

Everyone has her or his own definition. To some people, being healthy means exercising everyday and maintaining a healthy weight. To others, being healthy is not visiting the doctor’s office several times a year or taking sick days at work. Finding your own meaning of being healthy is the first step, not just following someone else’s meaning.

What is Important to You?

Why do you want to get healthy or maintain your health? Finding out what motivates you starts to point you in the right direction. If you don’t know the ‘why’ behind what you are doing, you are much more likely to lose motivation and give up. Along with what motivates you, starting to recognize what holds you back is a great way to overcome weakness. Knowing your obstacles will help prepare you to tackle them and face them head on.

When you are working towards being a healthier you, you may notice your priorities start to shift.  It is important to remember that putting yourself first does not make you selfish. If you aren’t taking care of yourself then how will you take care of anyone or anything else. Putting in time for yourself will go a long way when it comes to the responsibilities in your life.

It’s Not All Diets and Exercise

Many people have been trained to believe that being on a diet or exercise plan is how you achieve optimal health. But being healthy means so much more than that. It’s a mindset. Diets or planned out exercise routines imply there is an end date, however, no one can diet for the rest of their life! When you get into a mindset of being healthy, the timeline of a diet or exercise routine disappears and a lifestyle change occurs. 


Knowing that you’re only human and you are going to make mistakes is all part of the process. Just like anything in life, this is a trial and error process. Figuring out what works best for you will help you maintain your own healthy lifestyle. The point of a lifestyle change is for it to be a sustainable practice for life, not just short term. The more knowledge you acquire, the more you can grow.

If you are on RevUp, know that your coaches are here to support you through this process and help you to excel in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Know that you are not alone in making the change by yourself. This process takes professional support and that’s exactly what your coaches are here for—we want to see you succeed. Log in to RevUp today and connect with your Health Coach.

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